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Significant Achievements

  1. Over ten thousand (10,000) accessions of various plant species have been collected and are being conserved to prevent their extinction.
  2. The Institute has promoted the cultivation and processing of nutmeg and black pepper as non-traditional export crops. Other crops promoted are: sweet berry, mango and avocado.
  3. The institute is the major source of planting materials for the establishment of nutmeg farms in the country.
  4. Trails in the commercial cultivation and processing of the citronella grass (Cymbopogon nardus), an essential oil for the soap and perform industries in Ghana were carried out at the CSIR-PGRRI in collaboration with lever Brothers Ghana Limited. Its cultivation and production become a source of employment and income for a large number of people in the country.
  5.  Practical training in propagation of various crops, notably black pepper, nutmeg, citrus, avocado, mango and nursery practices for several individuals and organizations as well as training in plant genetic resources management in the country.
  6. At 16.5 hectare arboretum has been established where both local and exotic fruits, species, timber and non-timber species are conserved.
  7. An eco-tourism site has been established at the arboretum.