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Strategic Thrust / Direction

i. Institutional structure

PGR research is currently conducted in one ecological zone. Four outstations would be established at Nyamkpala (interior savannah), Ejura (transition zone), Ohawu (coastal Savannah) and Anyinase (high rain forest).

ii. Research

The number of PGR under conservation would be augmented through collecting of germplasm. Special attention would be given to underutilized and neglected plant species. Information on materials will be enhanced through molecular characterization.

iii. Capacity building

Infrastructure: the cold storage facility at the Institution would be expanded and laboratories equipped, especially the tissue culture and molecular biology laboratories.

Human Resource: recruiting, training and re-training of staff. A monitoring programme would be put in place for senior scientists/staff to mentor the junior and newly appointed ones.

iv. Financial Resources Mobilization

Research: workshops for proposal writing will be organised. A committee will be set up with the mandate to identify and develop competitive and marketable proposals, evaluate concept notes from staff and identify and select potential funding agencies.

Commercialization: establishment of consultancy services, training section, up-grading of the ecotourismcentre and the modernization and expanding of the institute’s nursery.

v. PGR Policy Formulation

PGR issues will be brought to the attention of policy makers through publicity and advocacy. A functional national PGR committee to be established to co-ordinate all PGR activities in Ghana. A policy framework will be formulated on the use of PGR and a national focal point to be established for coordination.