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Vision & Mission


The Institute has a vision to become a centre of excellence with improved facilities for plant genetic resources (PGR) conservation; and to encourage sustainable utilization of PGR for wealth creation.


PGRRI has the mission to collect and conserve PGR of Ghana and those from abroad to prevent their extinction.


The Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute has the mandate to collect, characterize, evaluate, document, conserve, distribute and utilize plant genetic resources from Ghana and abroad.


The goal is to ensure effective conservation and use of PGR for food security and sustainable agricultural development.


CSIR-PGRRI is mandated to coordinate plant genetic resources activities in Ghana. Its objectives are to:

  •     Collect and conserve the germplasm of the plant genetic resources of Ghana
  •     Characterize, evaluate and document the collection
  •     Encourage the use of the materials by breeders, researchers and farmers and
  •     Serve as a national coordinating agency, to engage in research relevant to its mandate