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Information Management Section

Library and Documentation

The Library continued to serve its constituent users including staff of the Institute, students, and other external users. Services provided to clients included

  1. Reference
  2. Lending
  3. Selective dissemination of information
  4. Current awareness
  5. Literature searches
  6. Promotion of Core Print Resources
  7. Preservation of all identify vital records of legal and administrative importance relating to institute and staff members
  8. Order and subscribe to daily newspapers, journals, books, newsletters, other materials and maintain records for payment of invoices
  9. Train library users to effectively search information resources of the Internet, TEAL & AGORA, HINARI, OARE AND ARDI (Research4life) databases. The TEEAL database is accessible at the library block.
  10. Organizing seminars and workshops in the institute
  11. Show casing the technologies developed by the institute
  12. Compilation of staff publications
  13. Preparation of CSIR-PGRRI quarterly, annual and in-house reports

The Library office complex is successfully wired for the Local Area Network (LAN). The wiring of the other blocks and the rectification problems of offices with LAN are carried out.