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Technical Reports

2016 Technical Reports

  1. Akrofi, S. and Ahiatsi, E. N. (2016). On farm evaluation of the farmers’ onion cultivar Malavi against four exotic cultivars. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/SA/2016/84
  2. Akrofi, S. and Ahiatsi, E. N. (2016). In-vitro in habiting effect of some commercial fungicides on Mycellia growth of Fusarium oxysporium F. SP. Cepae. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/SA/2016/83
  3. Akrofi, S, Akuoko, K. O., Bour, K. B. and Nyarko, J. A. (2016). Farmers’ knowledge and perception of the cassava root rot disease in Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/SA/2016/82
  4. Akrofi, S. (2016). Preliminary Investigation into Cassava root rot disease in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/SA/2016/81
  5. Owusu, E. O. (2016). Control of pepper mild mottle disease effect of tri-sodium phosphate on viability of pepper seeds. CSIR-PGRRI/TRE/EOO/2016/80
  6. Asiedu-Darko, E. (2016). The relationship between technical training and job performance among technical grade staff of the CSIR-PGRRI. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/EAD/2016/79
  7. Asiedu-Darko, E. and Acheampong, R. N. (2016). The role of performance appraisal system on employee’s motivation, a case of CSIR-PGRRI. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/EAD/2016/78
  8. Owusu, E. O. (2016). Assessment of pepper accessions for symptoms of pepper mild mottle virus disease on-station at Bunso. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/EOO/2016/77
  9. Ahiatsi, E. N. (2016). Onion production practices in South East Ghana. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/ENA/2015/76
  10. Ahiatsi, E. N. (2016). Effect of storage containers on seed quality of vegetable germplasm stored at CSIR-Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute-Bunso. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/ENA/2015/75
  11. Akrofi. S. (2015). Evaluation of commercial fungicides for the control of fusarium basal rot of onion. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/SA/2016/74
  12. Akrofi. S. (2015). On-farm evaluation of the farmers’ onion cultivar malavi against four exotic Cultivars. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/SA/2016/73
  13. Boateng, S. K. (2016). Evaluation of pre-sowing treatments for seed germination enhancement of Chrysophyllum albidum g. Don CSIR-PGRRI/TR/SKB/2016/72
  14. Osei-Kofi, P. S. (2016). Review of framework for production of journal publications in the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/PSO/2016/712
  15. Egbadzor, K. F., Ofosu-Anim, J., Bissah, M., Adominah, N. S., Ashie-Kotey, D., Amoako-Attah, I., Badger, N. G., Aboagye, L. M., Opoku-Agyeman, M. O., Ofori, K., Kemetse, B. and Dadoza M. (2016). Effect of gibberellic acid on sprouting and weight loss of some cultivars of white yam in Ghana. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/KFE/2016/70
  16. Osei-Kofi, P. S., Aboagye, L. M. and Dogoe, R. A. (2016). Publications trend in the CSIR- Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/PSO/2016/69
  17. Boateng, S. K. (2016). An On-farm study on using Chrysophyllum albidum as a Shade tree in cocoa farms. CSIR-PGRRI/TR/SKB/2016/68