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Thesis / Project Work

  1. Ansah, S. (2016). Evaluation of different soil amendments on growth yield of three accessions of taro colocassia esculenta. CSIR-PGRRI/TH/AS/2016/17
  2. Alibaba, M. (2016). Design, construction and performance evaluation of solar flat plate collector using a sheet as cover materials and blackened roofing sheet as absorber material. A project work submitted to the Department of the General Agriculture in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND) in General Agriculture. CSIR-PGRRI/PW/AM/2016/16
  3. Gyamfua, G. (2016). Determination of organochlorine, organophoshorus, and synthethic pyrethroids pesticide residue in honey sampled from Osiem in the Eastern Region. A research project submitted to the Department of Science Laboratory School of Applied Science and Arts Accra Polytechnic. CSIR-PGRRI/PW/GG/2016/15