Taro Expansion Project Held in Akim Oda

taro expansion project

As part of efforts to promote taro, an orphan and neglected, but a food security crop in Ghana, a cross section of farmers, scientists and staff of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, were exposed to activities on the crop and to whip the enthusiasm of the stake holders. The exposition which took place during the 31st Annual Ghana National Farmers day was held on 4th of December 2015 at Akim Akropong in the Atiwa district in the Eastern Region of Ghana, one of the participating towns selected for on-farm participatory evaluation.

A photo-exhibition since the inception of the project was mounted as a poster at the event. In addition products such as seedlings, taro plants and corms were also exhibited. To further increase the diversity of taro germplasm in farmers’ fields, a total of 561 seedlings of nine taro varieties (8 exotic and one local) were distributed to 45 farmers. A participating farmer in the project, Mr. Napoleon Omari was adjudged the best taro farmer in the district.