Dr. Samuel Akwasi Boateng

Principal Research Scientist (Botanist)

Head of Division, Plant Genetic Conservation

Dr. Samuel Kwasi Boateng was appointed head of Plant Genetic Conservation Division of the CSIR-Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute in 2013. He holds a PhD in Plant Physiology from the university of Reading, U.K, Master of Physiology (M.Phil, Botany) from the university of Ghana, Legon and BSc(Hons) Biology and Diploma in Education from the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast Ghana. Dr. Boateng is an accomplished Teacher and Researcher. He was a Science Teacher in Abuakwa State College (1989-1992) and Ghana Senior High School, Koforidua(1996-1997). He joined CSIR-Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute (CSIR-PGRRI) as a Research Scientist in 1997 and has been through the ranks to Principal Research Scientist. He has over 40 publications to his credit which includes books, journal papers and Technical Papers.

He led in the development of the Bunso Arboretum (now Bunso Eco Park) into a tourism attraction site. He helped in attracting funds to the Institute through project proposals. He is a Member of the Ghana Science Association and Ghana Institute of Horticulturists.

He has been a member of the Institute Management Team since 2014. He is a member of CSIR-PGRRI Editorial Committee from 2016 to date. He is a member of CSIR-PGRRI Project Proposal and Consultancy Outfit from 2016 to date. He coordinated the training of undergraduate and post-graduate students on attachment to the Institute (2013-2021).

He coordinated in the transfer of technology to farmers in Eastern Region of Ghana involved in cultivation of Aframomum melegueta.

Academics, Universities Attended/Qualifications

Ph.D (Plant Physiology) from University of Reading , UK (2012). M.Phil (Botany) University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana (1995). B.Sc. (Hons) (Biology), Dip. (Education), University of Cape Coast (1988)

Extracurricular Activities

Reading and listening to News and Gardening


Collecting, characterization and conservation of Plant Genetic Resources. Establishment and development of arboretum

Reaserch Areas

  1. Collecting and conservation of edible indigenous fruit trees of the forest areas of Ghana
  2. Collecting, characterization and conservation of Crop Wild Relatives and some minor crops of Ghana
  3. Propagation methods (Seed germination and Vegetative propagation) for Chrysophyllum albidum
  4. Cocoa agroforestry using indigenous fruit trees
  5. Finding a management system for a predictable plentiful harvest of Synsepalum dulcificum. The use of medicinal plants in Bunso area

Current Projects

Characterization of fruit trees in the field gene bank of the Institute

Selected Publications

  1. Abaka, A.A., Rondevaldova, J., Boateng, S.K., Adu Yeboah, E. and Kokoska, L. (2021). In vitro antioxidative Activity of Indigenous Ghanaian Fruits and Vegetables. In Proceedings of MDPI, 68.
  2. R. Boampong, S.K. Boateng, R.A. Amoah, B.A. Gyamfi, L.M. Aboagye and E.O. Ansah (2020). Growth and Yield as affected by Planting Distance in Taro (Colocasia esculenta) L. Shott. International Journal of Agronomy Vol 2000: 1-8.
  3. S.K. Boateng, L.M. Aboagye, K.F. Egbadzor, R.K. Darko, G.K. Ameka, P. Ekpe, R. Kanton, W. Dogbe and S. Saaka-Buah (2019). Collecting of Crop Wild Relatives and Minor Crops in Ghana. Research in: Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences 3 (2): 89-95

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