Mr. Eric Gyasi

Plant Pathologist

Mr. Eric Gyasi is a Plant Pathologist at the CSIR-Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute. Mr. Gyasi holds Master of Science degree with research in Plant Pathology from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Bachelor of Science Agriculture from the same Institution and Diploma in Education from the University of Education, Winneba all in Ghana. His research studies are focused on plant pathogenic fungi attacking crops and the use of botanical extracts and other strategies in controlling them.

He has undertaken and collaborated several research studies in the field of plant pathology some of which include; ‘Fungi associated with sweet potato tuber rot and evaluation of some sweet potato genotypes for resistance to the rot fungi’, ‘Management of major seed-borne fungi of cowpea with some selected botanical extracts (Black pepper, Xylopia, Aframomum and Lemon grass)’, ‘Incidence and severity of major fungal diseases of tomato in three districts within forest and forest-savannah agro-ecological zones of Ghana’, ‘Seed-borne fungi of farmer-saved seeds of maize and their management with selected fungicides in-vitro’ and currently working on ‘Post-harvest assessment of the incidence of taro corm rot in the Eastern region of Ghana’. Mr. Gyasi has four publications in both local and international journals.

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